IAS Online Exam Preparation Coaching

IAS Exam is one of the toughest exams in the country which seeks the participation of lakhs of students around the country. UPSC Board takes full responsibility of conducting this exam smoothly. The toughness of the exam has rapidly increased. This is mainly due to the high competitiveness and increase in numbers of students who take this exam every year. It has steadily grown up.

In the scenario of the 21st century with technological development, the idea of IAS online exam preparation coaching classes has emerged in India. With the availability of an internet connection now every aspirant can take the coaching by sitting inside the four walls of his house. He/she need not travel miles to attend classes. This is far more beneficial for the students who due to time constraints cannot travel far or at any distant place. Now information is readily available on the fingertips by just one click. But one thing needs to be kept in mind that practice makes a man perfect. To crack IAS exam one needs to put in a lot of effort. No online coaching or in other cases offline ensures success unless a student himself takes an initiative to prepare with full zeal and enthusiasm. 

Since IAS online exam preparation coaching classes are a recent revolution, students get perplexed which one to choose as there are too many coaching’s available. But it would be better to choose the one which provides good resources which include audio sessions and good video interactive classes. Online is highly preferred in the era of the internet since one can access classes from the comfort of home.  Though there is also a sad reality attached which is one of the biggest defects of online classes. It is that students from rural areas cannot approach online classes since they do not have proper internet connectivity. They have no option but to travel and attend the offline classes. However the students from urban areas have the privilege to attend the online classes since they don’t face any sought of connectivity problems.

Benefits of Online Exam Preparation Coaching Classes

Online coaching offers study material in abundance. It has both advantages and disadvantages as well because lots of study material tends to confuse students with a question from where to study and what to study. This leads to a lot of wastage of time and energy. As it often causes difficulty to narrow down a choice between so many options. At the same time, ample availability of study material offers a wide variety of choices. This ensures that a student gets to make notes for revision from different books and materials. Also, a huge variety of notes helps to clear concepts more properly and is helpful in understanding. The main conclusion that can be drawn is to study smartly along with hard work.

Just watching video sessions or listening to audios will not help. It needs to be clubbed with the habit of self-study. Self-study is the best way to study as it helps to revise things in a better way. Every student must inculcate a habit of self-study. In addition to this following a time table which schedules everything in a proper way will be a more fruitful exercise. Since many students taking IAS online coaching classes tend to get confused and mismanage things. They do not properly manage their time and hence spend a long time just watching online video classes without revising any of the given concepts. This in turn is futile and a sheer waste of time as it results in zero learning experience because there is no revision involved and without revision, a student tends to forget everything at the last moment.


Most of the online courses are economical and can easily be purchased by anyone. Also many of the online coaching also offer great deals of discounts. So students can easily purchase them without facing any kind of financial constraints. They offer a wide variety of study resources at reasonable rates. This is one of the biggest advantages for students adopting online classes. In addition to this students have many options to choose like if they only want to buy study material they can buy that or else at the same time if they wish to purchase only mock test series they have the option to do so as well.

So online coaching’s are flexible in nature functioning in a very smooth way. Such options are hardly available in offline coaching. Also if they are available, then coaching’s institutes charge a very high amount of fees from the students which every student cannot afford. Every student is not rich enough to spend such a huge amount of money on offline coaching institutes. Indeed online coaching is one of the best ways of preparation for the civil services exam with ample amount of options. 


It is better to choose online coaching which provides personalised mentorship. This means clearing your doubts whenever it arises. This creates an added advantage for you. Since the IAS syllabus is huge and complex it is quite common to assume that at some or the other moment doubts will definitely come in your mind. So if there is a mentor to solve them then studying the syllabus becomes easier for you. Otherwise, it is one of the most herculean tasks to keep on studying with a list of doubts piled up in large amounts.

 So if you have any sought of doubt you can simply mail it or put it in ask questions in your online coaching account. Within a span of time, the subject expert will revert back to you with a proper answer and full explanation.


After reading this article you may be confident enough to take online coaching for IAS preparation. But keep in mind to opt for the right coaching which would offer you all the facilities of study materials, mock test series and doubt clearing option. IAS online exam preparation coaching classes are an added advantage for every student since he/she can access any class any time if it is not under stable. Hence it is one of the widest options available to prepare for one of the biggest and most competitive exams of the country.

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