IAS Pendrive Course

The IAS Exam is considered as one of the toughest exams in the country. To crack this exam one requires rigorous hard work and determination. The right study material and resources are the basic requirements needed to clear the exam.

With the technological advancements in the country, a student need not face any challenges for attending IAS Coaching. There are several Pendrive courses launched by various colleges for IAS aspirants. These pendrive courses offer a great advantage for students from rural areas.

Since they cannot travel long to attend offline classes. Also due to poor internet connection, they cannot access online coaching classes. But IAS Pendrive course have provided them a great relief by solving this problem. Now they can take the best IAS Coaching Classes by sitting in the four walls of the house. The IAS Pendrive course has recorded video lectures and audio sessions of every subject.  This ensures that if a student doesn’t understand a particular concept then he/she can play that video again. This is very helpful during revision. Also, the visual depiction of lectures has a lasting impression on the mind of the students which helps in better retention of what one studies.

Pendrive courses offered by various institutes are affordable and can be accessed easily. They are given in different GB pen drives at different prices. Content and number of videos remains the same but their prices change. With the increase in price, the validity and duration of the IAS Pendrive course increases.

Advantages of Pendrive Courses

Time Saving

Pendrive courses save a lot of time for the students. As pen drive is movable, it can be carried anywhere and is accessible from any corner of the country. This is one of the biggest advantages of pendrive courses. It teaches you at the comfort of your home.

A student can watch and study from these videos any number of times without any internet connection. This gives students the flexibility to carry the pendrive anywhere and study at any time they wish to. 


These courses are a great advantage for every student but especially for rural students. Since many a time they neither can’t travel far to attend classes nor they have any internet connection to attend online classes. Pendrive courses help them to study from home without any internet connection.

This helps them a lot in studying and to accomplish their dreams. Also one needs not to refer to multiple books or study resources. These videos are made by subject experts after recent research and study. Hence are fruitful in the preparation.


Most of the courses are economical and can easily be purchased by anyone. Also, many of the pendrive courses also offer great deals of discounts. So students can easily purchase them without facing any kind of financial constraints. They offer a wide variety of study resources at reasonable rates. This is one of the biggest advantages for students adopting the pen drive courses.

Multipurpose Options

Students have many options to choose like if they only want to buy study material they can buy that or else at the same time if they wish to purchase only mock test series they have the option to do so as well.

Students can choose from a variety of options as institutes offering IAS pendrive course also offer other things as well like mock test series.

Flexible In Nature 

Pendrive courses are flexible in nature and functions in a very smooth way. Such options are hardly available in offline coaching. Also if they are available, then coaching’s institutes charge a very high amount of fees from the students which every student cannot afford. Every student is not rich enough to spend such a huge amount of money on offline coaching institutes. Indeed pendrive course is one of the best ways of preparing for the civil services exam with ample amount of options. 

Enhanced Learning Experience

These courses are an invention of the latest technological development. It enhances the learning experience. Learning becomes a fun activity and a student starts enjoying the preparation for the exam.

Cut Down On Travel Cost

Taking a is pendrive course saves a lot of money. A student need not to travel anywhere so he/she can save travel costs and other necessary expenditure that would have occurred if he/she joined an offline ias coaching classes in India.

Motivates Self-Discipline

Learning at one’s own pace teaches self-discipline. When a student studies through a pen drive course it inculcates the quality of self-discipline because he/she has to follow a strict schedule in order to manage studying through videos and then doing self study.

This requires a lot of dedication, determination and discipline.

No Internet Connection

To access course material on pendrive internet is not required. So even if you don’t have the internet, not be worried because you can still open all the study material and go through it whenever you wish to.

Flexible Timings

These courses can be accessed anytime from anywhere. One need not  to be present at any particular time to attend the regular classes as happens in offline classes. Pendrive courses are flexible and smooth in nature. A student needs not to go to any kind of classroom. Students can access the course by using a laptop or phone. Thus the pen drive course offers a wide range of options which helps in better preparation for the exam. 

Some important queries for Pendrive Mathematics Optional course:

If you have any doubts? 
Ans: Please feel free to Contact us

Do I need internet at the time of using pendrive? 
Ans: No, IAS Pendrive course is completely offline. You don’t need to have a internet at any point.

Will pen drive work in two systems at the same time? 
Ans: No, Pendrive will work only in one system at a time.

Can I copy the videos from pen drive? 
Ans: Of course not

Will Pen drive work in Smartphone, if I connect through OTG cable?

Ans: No Pen drive will work only in computer.

From which date my validity starts? 
Ans: Validity starts from the day, when you receive the Pen drive

Can I extend validity later on? 
Ans: No, you cannot extend the validity.

What If Pen drive or Dongle Has Lost, Damaged, Broken or Misplaced?

Ans: We are not responsible for any of this kind of problem or situation; in this case we will suggest you to purchase a new pen drive course.

What do you mean by validity? 
Ans: As Videos are encrypted with time validity. Videos won’t play after given validity of time.

What, If I need to format my system? 
Ans: Yes, you can play videos afterwards too There are no restrictions on number of users. You can play videos on one or many systems but only on one system at a time. As we mentioned before just plug Pen drive in any system and play videos

How to play videos through pendrive? 
Ans: Just Plug a Pendrive in your computer and play videos. Instructions are given in Pen drive.

System Requirements? 
Ans: Any Desktop or Laptop

What is the meaning of "Daily target" as in the mentioned table? 
Ans: You have to finish the course in time. This the average time we mentioned here is that in order to finish the Pendrive Maths Optional course in time without any delay for finishing our Pendrive Maths Optional Course. May be you can watch more or less depends upon your mood.

What is the meaning of Including all things? 
Ans:Including all things means that you will get free study materials, 18% Service tax as per Govt India new rules, 4 types of free Mathematics Optional test series i.e., during the course, revision test series, Mains Mathematics Optional test series before prelims and lastly Mains Mathematics Optional test series after prelims.